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Friday, March 07, 2003

Good piece by Victor Hanson at NRO about general level of idiocy and contradiction in reporter's questions. You'll get the idea after a few lines, then skip to his commentary 2/3 down. A sample:
    In hour one of the conflict, we are supposed to expect to see the deployment of weapons of mass destruction -- which many in the world community still profess are not there. If the Iraqis use these agents of death, we are culpable for prompting such dangers; if they don't, then there was no real casus belli in the first place and the war will be deemed, post facto, as unnecessary. Americans must be swift, decisive, and victorious in their warmaking -- but not to the extent that they should kill too many of the enemy. Our GPS bombs must not just be smart, but rather brilliant -- and thus distinguish and target (wounding rather than killing) only 80,000 individual Baathists and Saddamites within a population of 26 million.
The war in a nutshell...