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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

In my estimation, one of the primary reasons so many Americans believe there will be another terrorist attack on our country is beacuse of a feeling, yep, a feeling, that the rules have somehow changed. In Lee Harris' article in TCS, I think he nails down the reason for the feeling"
    "...and this means that if a nuclear device were to be detonated in downtown Chicago tomorrow, from an unknown source, could we really count on being able to find its "return address" if in fact it was the work of a "rogue" state? We know that, in fact, the answer is no; and we know that "they" know this as well; and they know we know - all of which only begins to suggest the surrealism that is characteristic of the crisis with which we are faced. For it means that if they chose to delegate such a horrendous act to an entity like Al Qaeda, they would force us into an impossible choice: Either we accept such an attack without retaliating, or else we are forced to lash out blindly - and in the same spirit of blood feud and vendetta with which the attack was made. And either choice transcends our present categories of comprehension."

Given our response to the Anthrax letter attack, there is little reason for any terrorist group or rouge state to think otherwise. It's still hard for me to fathom that there are still many here that would prefer to wait until Chicago or Baltimore or Los Angeles are a smoldering ruin before we assert our military muscle to crush radical Islam. Not tolerate, not understand, but crush...