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Friday, April 25, 2003

Seems that Annan might have shot himself in the face, via the foot in his mouth...By asserting that the US is an "occupying force," bound by Geneva Convention rules on occupation governments, he has also recognized that the US is the governmental "authority" in Iraq. Meaning we're in charge of reconstruction, and the UN must defer. NICE! Shouting 'Cross the Potomac wraps it up nicely:
    I think Mr. Annan's usage of "occupation" didn't just irk the White House — it also laid the foundation for claiming that there is already a sufficiently recognized "authority" inside Iraq, empowered by those conventions Annan cited. The Secretary General can't have it the both ways of asserting that the U.S. is an "Occupying Power" with duties vis a vis the governance of Iraq, while at the same time asserting that there's no competent authority in Iraq.