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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Dave Letterman just mentioned the story on Dean's kid and the alcohol theft. Well, the story has some legs, even if they're hobbled and short. Of course, Gephart is doing a bang-up job of shooting himself in the foot, while it's in his mouth. ("When I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day..." Reeaaallly???? Instapundit puts it quite succinctly "absolutely pathetic"),

My early prediction, it'll be Bush vs. Graham.

Sure, he's a wiley, good ol' Southern boy, but so was Bubba Clinton. Moreover, Graham has the possibilty of taking Florida. While not terribly likely, given the success of brother Bush as governor, an early poll, done by the Sun Sentinel, shows Graham with 40% vs. Bush's 53%. Here's where it gets interesting. California is a Blue state. Whichever Democrat pulls the party nomination, they will likely get CA in the general election, unless Davis gets sucessfully recalled, and a Republican takes the Governorship, say someone like The Terminator (note to Arnold: RUN, PLEASE!) Then maybe, just maybe, CA will go Red.

In any event, it's not hard to imagine Graham taking FL and CA. Then NY wouldn't be too much of a stretch, if Hil-LIE-ry just shut the hell up and let the Demo candidate run (admittedly, not a likelihood). That would give him 113...pretty sizable chunk out of the 269 needed. (Check out the Electoral College calculator over at the National Archives website, good fun).

Remember, you heard it hear first, Graham is the one to watch.

Time to get myself over to the local Miami-Dade Republican office and volunteer, again.