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Saturday, September 20, 2003

InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds takes on Big Media's biased reporting with this compilation of what is going right in Iraq but not reported. He kicks some serious ass. Read the whole thing, especially the Lileks bit:
    "I’ve read enough editorials from various papers from this period to reinforce something I’ve long suspected: the reason many editorialists hate this war is because they don’t feel it’s theirs.
    If Clinton had risen to the occasion, wiped out al-Qaida, sent Marines to kick down the statues and put bullets in those filthy sons’ brainpans, this would be the most noble effort of our time. We would hear clear echoes of JFK’s call to bear any burden. FDR, Truman, Marshall Plan, forbearance, patience — the editorial pages of the land would absolutely brim with encouragement and optimism every damn day, because the good fight was being waged, and the right people were waging it." (Lileks)

Or this bit on why Big Media is failing to take on France:
    "...the French are essentially at war with us, trying to regain influence in the region... TotalFinaElf, Alcatel and the scores of French companies who coined money working for the Hussein regime for decades. As long as Paul Bremer is in charge, it won’t happen. France needs someone it can bribe and sign dodgy deals with. The UN can deliver that. The US won’t.” Journalists are supposed to pride themselves in noticing the self-interest behind what people tell them. Why have they missed this? Because they’re biased, butt-covering, lazy, hysterical, and Euro-envying. That’s my guess, anyway. (emphasis added)