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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Per usual, Victor David Hanson gets it right:
    "Here at home questions were raised in the last two years that would have been equally inconceivable on September 10, 2001. Do images of those fighting on the peaks of Afghanistan or in the desert of Iraq, when juxtaposed to the rallies on our elite campuses, suggest that a populist military is doing a better or worse job than our privileged universities in training our youth to be educated, well-spoken, and rational? Is Marin County's Johnny Walker Lindh, seeking to find himself among the Taliban, or Middle America's Johnny Span dying to protect us from the primordial henchmen of Afghanistan, a metaphor for us all, so increasingly at a crossroads at the millennium?

    ...and when a Norman Mailer or Michael Moore and a host of writers and actors in the aftermath of 9/11 have uttered such atrocities after 3,000 vanished, what has happened to our intelligentsia and artists, so much the beneficiaries of the very wealth and leisure of the American engine they sneer at? Did they, like our brave firemen and police in New York and Marines in Iraq, show themselves in the hour of our need to be even better than we thought them — or was it instead to be abjectly worse?

    ...Can these entertainers at least have the honesty to repeat their convictions, not to airbrush their websites or to send out press aides for damage control, but instead defiantly rip into the inquiring postfacto reporter with, "Yes, I said that. No, I was not misquoted. And, yes, I believe that America is very sick."? Then we would at least know that they dislike the American system rather than being pampered blowhards and college dropouts who sound off to paparazzi after a bad day or drink only to whimper back when told their invective might cost them some dough.

    ...In our current feeding hysteria that diminishes astounding success to quagmire or worse, what disinterested observer would ever believe that in just 24 months we have liberated 50 million people, destroyed the odious Taliban and Saddam Hussein, and routed 60% of the al Qaeda leadership — all at the cost of less than 300 American dead? It is almost as if the more amazing our accomplishments, the more we must deprecate them." (emphasis mine)
Today is a very good day to take stock of what we have accomplished. When you look objectively, not as a political partisan, but as an American citizen, how can you help but be proud.