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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Has John Kerry finally snapped? It is quite one thing to have genuine differences of opinion on policy, but this is the most ridiculous example of "pot calling kettle" syndrome I can imagine.
    Kerry:Bush Lets Groups Do 'Dirty Work':
    "John Kerry... [is]accusing President Bush of using a Republican front group 'to do his dirty work' and challenging Bush to debate their wartime service records."
Has he not heard the TV and radion ads supporting his campaign? You know the ones which have been blasting Dubya for months. THe ones paid for by, the puppet organiuzation of multibillionaire athiest and foreign citizen George Soros? Has he he not heard the "one nation" ads which the DNC has been running with his website address? Has he not heard that for months the White House has been denouncing 527 political organizations? Was he not aware that the Democrats supported when the RNC sued to have 527's declared a violation of the McCain-Fiengold campaign reform act?

We know that the pliant media has been largely silent on Kerry's flip-flops and lack of cohesive policies, but it is absolutely ridiculous to treat this as a news item.