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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Nancy Reagan Backing Bush's Re-Election
This story is not getting anything near the coverage that the supposed "non-endorsement" canard foisted by Ron Reagan received (and continues to receive).
    "Former first lady Nancy Reagan... is backing the Republican's re-election bid.

    'The campaign is certainly about more than one issue,' said spokeswoman Joanne Drake, who described Reagan on Tuesday as in 'full and complete support of President Bush's candidacy'."

The best part about this article is the grudging language that its author uses, trying his very best not to acknowledge the misinformation spread about Ms. Reagan's support in the last few days, and to point out repeatedly that the President and the former First Lady have differing views on stem cell research. Indeed, a news item which is solidly a positive for the President's camp is treated as a negative. It is almost as though he's trying to say that Reagan "couldn't really support Bush, I mean, he opposes something she is so in favor of, how could she possibly support him?"

Apparently, no one in journalism today has really ever studied Reaganism, or more specifically, the 11th Commandment.

Oh yeah, that liberal bias.