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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Wisconsin State Journal nails it on the head with their Presidential endorsement:
    "It comes down to this: President Bush tells people what he will do. Sen. John Kerry tells people what they want to hear. Bush is confident in action even when mistaken. Kerry is comfortable in passivity even at high cost....

    Kerry has a surprisingly low-profile Senate career over 20 years. He voted against the Persian Gulf War, betraying his comfort with passivity, and he believes too faithfully in the power of talk through diplomacy and government process to solve all problems. But Kim Jong Il doesn't parley, he only threatens; terrorists don't engage in talks, they just kidnap people and kill them.

    Through chat, Kerry hopes to reduce terror to a "nuisance," an unseemly and ill-chosen term that suggests the grisly beheadings of a few Americans now and then is an acceptable and unavoidable consequence of our envied position of privilege in the world."