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Friday, December 31, 2004

Consider this next time some Reuters or AP reporter (or Michael Moore) implies that the terrorists in Iraq are freedom fighters
Al Qaeda : Democracy is Apostasy:
    "Radical Islamist groups in Iraq said in an Internet statement Thursday they considered democracy 'farcial and un-Islamic' and warned that no-one who took part in next month's polls would be safe.

    'Those who participate in this dirty farce will not be sheltered from the blows of the mujahedeen,' said a statement posted on an Islamist website signed by the Al Qaeda linked Ansar Al-Sunna, the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Army of the Mujahedeen...

    'Democracy is a word of Greek origin meaning the sovereignty of the people... this concept is considered apostasy, contrary to the doctrine of one God and Sharia (Islamic law),' the statement from the three groups said."

Why aren't our local church and staters up in arms?