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Monday, February 14, 2005

Powerline has a round-up of Eason Jordan quotes, only now coming to light after his resignation from CNN. Turns out that he liked to disparage the US military when speaking to foreign audiences, having twice previously charged that journalists were being targeted:
    On October 10, 2002 in a question and answer session at an international forum in Slovenia, Eason Jordan stated:
      "The Israelis say they're actually trying to restrict our access to these areas and they say it's too dangerous for you to be there and my response to that is that it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous if you didn't shoot at us when we're clearly labeled as CNN crews and journalists. And so this must stop, this targeting of the news media both literally and figuratively must come to an end immediately."

    On November 19, 2004 at a News Exchange-Broadcast Media Conference in Vilamoura, Portugal, Jordan stated:
      "[A]ctions speak louder than words. And you talk about dignity and respect for un-embedded journalists and journalists in general but the reality is that at least 8, maybe 10, maybe more journalists in Iraq have been killed by the US military. There are reports that I believe to be true that journalists have been arrested and tortured by US forces. One case that was not talked about here: an Al-Jazeera journalist put in Abu Ghraib and physically and emotionally abused, called a Jazeera boy and forced to eat his shoe and other things. Even now there's an Al-Arabiya journalist in Fallujah who's been in captivity now for a week. The US military has said that he is not guilty of anything and he'll be freed, but we're now 6 or 7 days into his captivity. It's just these actions and the fact that no-one in the US military has been punished or reprimanded for any of these things would indicate that the US military really does not have respect for the journalistic corps in Iraq."
This was not a case of a man being misrepresented by bloggers on a witch-hunt. Jordan made similar, unsubstantiated charges three times and only now is finally being called to account. It makes me wonder what really went on under Saddam's regime, where Jordan stayed mum so that CNN could retain access... Small wonder people increasingly mistrust the MSM.