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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The ACLU and our National Security.
Next time someone from the ACLU tells you that they are fighting hard to protect your civil liberties and to keep our nation safe, ask them about the Arizona border. While the Minutemen are staging an important public awareness campaign to highlight the joke that is our southern border, the ACLU has sent a team of "legal obeservers" to "watch over" (read: harass) the Minutemen -- not to help document illegal border crossing. Of course, it would be difficult for the ACLU observers to document violations of the law, when they are committing their own. The South East Arizona Republican Club is reporting that ACLU observers have been actively aiding aliens in attempting to cross the border illegally. What's more, they have photos showing the "legal observers" smoking marijuana. Here's one of their photos:

If the allegations can be supported, these "observers" should be arrested and charged with state and federal crimes. In the end, their actions only help to punctuate the urgent need for real law enforcement on our southern border.